150,000,000 words and counting...

Our continuous investments in people, technology and infrastructure, and our commitment to provide sustained scalability and flexibility mean we are ready for any challenge. We have a proven track record of 30,000 successful translation projects. 

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Company Profile

Founded in 2005, Translation Back Office has rapidly become one of the largest in-house language service providers in the world and the translation company of reference for Latin American markets.

With offices in Argentina, Brazil, Peru and United States, Translation Back Office provides English, Spanish and Portuguese translation services in a wide range of specialized subject matter fields.

Our clients are global corporations located in over 30 countries that recognize the importance of a solid growth strategy in Latin America and Emerging Markets in today's dynamic world economy.

Translation Back Office has an in-house team of 15 senior translators and editors and 22 project managers. We also have Language and Technology Support staff who strive to satisfy customer needs and challenges in terms of quality, efficiency and cost.

We complement our in-house operations with a highly flexible pool of 500+ external experienced and qualified linguists, that collaborate in our projects on a daily basis.

Our team of qualified designers provides Desktop Publishing services on both Windows and Mac platforms, including Quark, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, PageMaker, and Publisher among others.

We look forward to developing a long-term business relationship with you and your organization in the near future. 

Translation Back Office is a limited liability corporation (LLC) with a publicly registered charter and a proven track record in the translation industry at a global level.

Due to an important business expansion with an average compound growth of 100% per annum in 2005-2009, the company is today ranked as one of the top language service providers in Latin America according to “The Language Services Market: 2012” Common Sense Advisory report. 

Our company serves leading International Clients and prestigious Organizations such as SAP, Manpower, Xerox, Huawei, the United Nations and the World Bank. 

Translation Back Office is ISO 9001:2008 (ISO 9001:2015 ) certified and is committed to providing accurate translations in full observance with industry and professional best practices.

Translation Back office has production and export capacities, and international scope of operation to supply regional and/or international markets.

Our headquarters are located in Córdoba, Argentina. Our head office is located at Avenida Colón 610, Piso 14-15, X5000EPT, Córdoba, Argentina.

The company also has an office in Lima, Peru to serve the different time zones such as the West Coast of North America. 

Years in business

The company commenced operations a decade ago as a pioneer at regional level and has provided dedicated translation services ever since.


Translation Back Office is ISO 9001: 2008 (ISO 9001:2015 ) certified. The corresponding certificate can be downloaded here.

In-house staff

Translation Back Office currently employs 65 in-house resources including Project Managers and Coordinators, Engineers, Senior Translators, Quality Assurance specialists, Designers and Software developers.

Clients That Trust Us

  • theworldbank
  • BBC Books
  • rapiscan
  • huawei
  • GDF Suez
  • netgeo
  • Thomson Reuters
  • undp
  • imd
  • xerox
  • manpower

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