Technology & Software

Information Technology permeate almost into every aspect of human life. Computers, mobile devices and the Internet have not only become an integral part of the technical development but also play a significant role in our everyday lives.

The development of communication technologies has enabled countries separated by language barriers to share information and to sell to each other like never before.

This is why companies can't ignore the need to translate into multiple languages. 

Our Project Managers carefully choose competent language experts with knowledge and experience in the field of information technologies and telecommunications.

Translation Back Office is also willing to offer you high quality web site translation services at competitive rates. Our expert translators provide a complete and accurate web site content translation and localization to your specific target audiences. With the web site translation your company becomes available to the international audience that will increase your company's sales and expand your market.

Translation of web sites is a complex process that includes a professional and grammatically correct translation of the website content, and an adaptation of the web site navigation, graphics, optimization and other components.

Our specialized IT & Website translators are able to guarantee top quality translation and localization services in multiple languages and in the following areas:

• Internet technologies
• Telecommunications
• E-learning Modules
• Software Applications
• E-business
• Networking & System Administration
• ERP/CRM Systems
• Web Engineering
• Multimedia
• Online Help

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