Technical translations

Technical subjects are different from other fields of knowledge due to the precision of their concepts. As the translation of any technical document is an important element in the exportation success of your company, you need to make sure that your technical translations are completely accurate.

At Translation Back Office we specialize in the expert translation of even the most complex technical documents, where precision, accuracy, and consistency are particularly important. When translating technical documents, it is essential that all terminology is translated correctly. Among those areas of specific terminology we can mention electronics, electrical engineering, automotive, mechanics, and software.

Our Project Managers choose translators with proven experience in your specific field of expertise and a solid technical understanding. Our technical translators are able to undertake any project, ranging from a 500-page technical manual to a 4-page product description. We can also guarantee delivering projects quickly, in multiple languages and in the format that you need.

Whether you have a technical manual, computer documentation or engineering specifications to be translated into multiple languages, we are your solution for highly accurate and reliable technical translations. Our range of expertise includes the following documents, among others:

• Computer Documentation
• Procedure Manuals
• Technical Reports
• Engineering Specifications
• Instruction & Operation Manuals
• User Guides
• Training Materials
• Scientific & White Papers
• Patents and Patent Applications
• Data Sheets
• Electronic Manuals and Guides


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