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Arabic Translations

Why Translate from English to Arabic?

Arabic is spoken by approximately 221 million people and is the official language in 26 countries and one of the six official languages in the United Nations.

The League of Arab States, a regional organization, consists of 22 countries and spans across Africa and Asia. They are mostly developing countries, yet continue to experience large economic growth as a result of being rich in resources of oil and natural gas reserves.

What Is Important to Know About Arabic Translations?

There are two main types of Arabic, Classical Arabic (CA) and Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). CA is found in the Qur´an, the main religious book of the Islamic religion. MSA is taught in schools and universities and is used for most printed material, by the government, in the media and in other formal situations. There are also several regional dialects across each state that are used in everyday dialogue as well and are used in informal media such as certain television programs and also used in some written media such as advertising. When translating into Arabic, it is essential to take into consideration the local language, local cultural and especially the religious aspect as Arabic is the liturgical language of Islam. Therefore, translators need to be even more culturally sensitive to the religious aspects associated with the language.

Why Challenges Don't Stop Us

Our Arabic translation partners are all native speakers, experienced in translating content for specific target countries or regions. We are able to manage the complex syntax, semantics, and grammar in English to Arabic translations and can ensure high quality and accurate jobs.

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