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Chinese Translations

Why there is urgency for Chinese translation?

Not only is Chinese the most widely spoken language in the world of over one billion speakers, Chinese is also the most common spoken language by Internet users.

There are approximately 380 million online users in China, exceeding the U.S. 240 million online users. What does this mean? Companies need to advertise products and services to this growing Chinese market in order to stay competitive. How to do this? Speak their language, Chinese.

Which Form of Chinese?

There are several dialects in the Chinese language. Mandarin is the most commonly used with approximately 870 million speakers, and it is the official language in the People's Republic of China (PRC), Singapore, Taiwan and several other areas in South East Asia. Another common dialect is Cantonese, spoken by about 71 million people, largely in Hong Kong and the Guangdong and Guangxi provinces in China.

Chinese can be written in two ways, with Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese characters, and it is vital to use the correct form for the suitable market. Traditional Chinese is used mainly in Hong Kong, Taiwan and English speaking areas. Simplified Chinese, which consists of a reduced number of strokes and characters, is used in the PRC and Singapore.

Our Specialized Chinese Translators

There are complex differences of English and Chinese thought processes in regards to culture and tradition. In order to preserve meaning throughout the translation and localization method, we work with native Chinese translators and specially trained Traditional Chinese language teams, with industry backgrounds. Our Quality Assurance Department is also involved in every project phase to monitor accuracy and quality.

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