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French Translations

Why Translate from English to French?

French is an official language in 29 countries of about 128 million speakers worldwide, with approximately 62 million solely in France and large populations also in Canada and Democratic Republic of Congo.

It is also an official language in the United Nations, International Organization of the Francophone and spoken by 26% of European Union citizens, therefore, a very significant language in international affairs and business.

What Is Important to Know About English to French Translations?

French is spoken on 5 continents and depending on the targeted audience, it is critical to take into consideration the variations and dialects. The French spoken in France, Europe, Canada, French Guiana, Africa and Asia differ, which vary not only in pronunciation but also by construction and vocabulary. For example, phrases are often literally translated word for word from English to Québécois (Canadian French) while many English words are incorporated in the French spoken in France. Additionally, the preservation of the French language and culture is strictly maintained and backed by language protection laws, which highlights the need for high quality and accurate French translation services.

Our Specialized French Translators

Our French translators are native speakers of specific countries and are capable of translating and creating localized content in order to target the desired French-speaking area. In addition, our quality assurance department is involved in each step of the translation process to ensure we meet our client's needs and provide the highest quality English to French translations possible.

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