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German Translations

Why Translate from English to German?

There are about 120 million native German speakers in the world. In the European Union, German is the most widely spoken mother tongue or first language, spoken by almost 20% of the population, more than 90 million people.

It is the official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belgium and Luxembourg, and is also spoken extensively in Central Europe.

What Is Important to Know About German Translations?

There are various dialects in the German language and a dialectical continuum. The Standard or High German is the German dialect that is most widely spoken and written worldwide. Media and written works are now almost all produced in Standard German. It is generally spoken by most German speakers; nevertheless there is a big variety of dialects within Germany and in other countries. The spoken Austrian German and Swiss German for example differ a lot from the written Standard German which is commonly used in Austria and Switzerland. The written differences between dialects include several character changes for common words, therefore, it is often necessary to take into account the appropriate dialect desired when considering German translations.

Why Challenges Don't Stop Us

Although there are complex differences between the English and German languages and cultures, as well as differences in German dialects, we are able to tackle the most complex projects. We have in-house German translators and native German localization specialists with the ability to adapt content to appropriate markets as well as translate technical content. In addition, due to our in-house quality assurance team we ensure the highest quality translations.

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