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Japanese Translations

Why Translate from English to Japanese?

There are approximately 120 million Japanese speakers in Japan, 7 million more Japanese speakers abroad and about 99 million Japanese-speaking internet users.

The Japanese economy is ranked top two in the world, with an annual GDP of $5.07 trillion, signifying their high consumer and business spending power.

What Is Important to Know About English to Japanese Translations?

Although standard Japanese is used nationwide, it is important to understand that regional dialects also exist and both standard Japanese and regional dialects are still used simultaneously. There are over a dozen dialects in the Japanese language, which are divided by eastern and western regions. Each dialect is distinctive in pronunciation as well as grammar structure and vocabulary, and some dialects can be unintelligible to those who speak only standard Japanese. There are complex disparities in sentence structure and alphabet characters between English and Japanese. Also, there are major differences in culture and thought between English-speakers and Japanese-speakers, which can also bring about great challenges during the translation process.

Why Challenges Don't Stop Us

Due to the culturally sensitive nature of the Japanese language, a translation can offend its Japanese audience deeply when not translated accurately, which can lead to a client loss. In order to prevent this, our translators place acute attention when translating and localizing content to make sure to appropriately adapt to Japanese cultural and thought norms as well as meet distinct grammar rules. Our partner translators are native Japanese speakers and our quality assurance team makes sure the most accurate translation jobs are produced.

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