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Korean Translations

Why Translate from English to Korean?

Over 71 million of the world's population speaks Korean. It is the official language in South and North Korea by about 70 million and is also spoken in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture located in the Northeast of China.

Korean is one of the top ten languages used on the internet with an approximate 39.4 million users online. Korea's world economic significance and international relations also make Korean an important language to employ.

What Is Important to Know About English to Korean Translations?

Several dialects in the Korean language exist although Korean speakers generally are mutually intelligible regardless of the dialect. Modern Korean uses Hangul, which is the Korean alphabet. Modern Korean also uses over 1,000 Chinese characters. There are several challenges in translating into Korean due to cultural variations. One example of this is the Korean use of honorifics of which in Korean culture superiority and status is important to take into recognition and is a culturally sensitive topic. Korean also differs from English and western languages by its absence in punctuations that can greatly change the significance of a phrase if not translated with care.

Why Challenges Don't Stop Us

At Translation Back Office we offer only high quality and professional language translation services. We work with Korean translators who are native speakers and are aware of the cultural challenges that are involved in the language translation process. All the translations produced are also backed by checks by our Quality Assurance department which ensures accuracy in each project.

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