Machine Translation

Machine Translation is a core competency at Translation Back Office.  We provide machine translation and post-editing services, with a solid track record of projects in which MT technology has been successfully applied. Several of our leading customers have already chosen to deploy this state of the art service for high volume translation projects with challenging turnarounds in order to improve productivity while reducing end-to-end costs.

Translation Back Office has developed a unique solution and implementation of Machine Translation (a hybrid engine that combines Statistical-based MT (SMT) and Rule-Based MT (RBMT)) with machine learning and artificial intelligence, to be able to translate in English to Spanish, English to Portuguese and Spanish into English. Portuguese into English is currently in development.

A core group of in-house linguists highly experienced in post-editing machine translated content is in charge of supervising the MT process and enables us to scale up the service to seamlessly process up 6000+ high quality words per day, per linguist.

MT is integrated in our processes through the following steps:

• We translate documents by using a Machine Translation engine that is especially customized for each project/account.
• Our team of post-editors make all the necessary corrections in order to ensure that the translation is accurate
• Our linguistic QA team improves the grammar and fluency of the target text. The final product is suitable for publication.

We strongly recommend the use of MT for certain content types. The most appropriate content types for MT are technical or IT-related documentation (i.e. help files, instructions, updates, blogs, tweets, comments, etc.). This technology is generally not suitable for marketing or creative content.

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