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Translation Back Office provides linguistic services in a wide range of subject matter fields and has an extensive network of resources located in each Latin American country. From English to Spanish or Portuguese, to local indigenous languages, we enable you to communicate with all Latin American audiences.

Spanish Translation Services

Why is there a Need for Spanish

Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world and is spoken in more than 20 countries. It is the native tongue to more than 330 million people and is spoken by more than 450 million people worldwide including second-language speakers. Spanish is also one of the six official languages in the United Nations. In México alone, there is a Spanish speaking population of about 110 million, in South America about 191 million, and in Central America about 40 million.

What Is Important to Know About Spanish Translations?

In the 20 Spanish-speaking countries, the vocabulary and construction can vary extensively from not only country to country but also from region to region. Therefore, it is critical to be tuned into the local Spanish and dialects. For example, in most of Argentina and parts of Uruguay the second person singular familiar pronoun used is vos instead of the tú, which is used in the majority of Spanish-speaking areas. Also, in most of Spain, the second person plural pronoun used is vosotros, while in most other Spanish-speaking regions ustedes is used.

Why Challenges Don't Stop Us

We rank highly the importance of taking into consideration the local language, local cultural and religious aspects of each Spanish-speaking region in order to adapt our client's messages and content accurately. Our in-house Spanish translation team, one of the largest in the world, is located in Latin America allowing us the advantage to produce the most localized Spanish possible in any market segment sought after.

Spanish Dialects: Marketing to Latinos and Spanish Speakers

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