From: Thomson Reuters
To: Translation Back Office

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to provide a reference for Translation Back Office and Charles Campbell. I have known Charles for
many years as we are both active in the American Translators Association. In addition
to knowing Charles personally through the ATA, I’ve used his company, Translation
Back Office, a number of times for translations for my clients. I have been highly
satisfied with the quality and timeliness of his company’s work and my clients have also
been satisfied. Additionally, his company’s rates are extremely competitive. I don’t
think you could get the kind of quality that Charles provides at rates even higher than
those he charges. In short, I would unequivocally recommend Charles and Translation
Back Office.

Best regards,

Ellen Boyar
Translation Manager, Custom Information Services
Life Sciences
The Healthcare & Science business of Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters

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